Sephora collection anti-blemish patches


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Anti-imperfections patches SEPHORA COLLECTION to fight in 8h nascent or installed imperfections!

Salicylic acid and green tea of ​​natural origin to fight imperfections. These patches diffuse their assets for clean and purified skin!

What are they doing ?
- Purify and dry nascent or installed imperfections.
- Attenuate their appearance and associated redness.
For a calmer skin, sharper and visibly more beautiful.

The +:
- Two sizes of patches to fit all imperfections.
- To use day and night.
- Efficiency in 8 hours to purify the skin and reduce imperfections.

How to use them?
Two sizes of patches, 4 invisible and 8 decorated for more fun, to use day and night.

Why do we like it?
Fun and efficiency: decorated or transparent patches, a targeted action against imperfections.

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